1. What are the functions of Special Proceedings?

Special Proceedings primary functions are as follows:
• Adoptions
• Foreclosures
• Name Changes
• Guardianship Proceedings
• Incompetency Hearings
• Motor Vehicle Liens

2. Are foreclosures on line? Foreclosures are not published on line.

You can however, check the local papers for the Notices of Sale and also the bulletin board located at the courthouse.

3. Is there a list of foreclosures that are to be sold?

No. The local papers and the bulletin board located at the courthouse will have the upcoming sales

4. Where are the foreclosure sales held?

The sales are held on the Courthouse steps on the Wright Street side of the Courthouse.

5. How long do I have to upset the bid?

A ten (10) day period is provided by law for the filing of upset bids; if that period expires and no upset bids have been filed, the property is considered sold.

To file an upset bid, the bid must be raised by either $750.00 or at least 5% whichever is greater and must be deposited with the Clerk Of Superior Court. Cash or Certified Check ONLY payable to the Clerk of Superior Court.

6. How do I file an adoption?

To file an adoption, there are forms available in the Special Proceedings division. Adoptions can be complex and it is recommended that you seek legal counsel. Adoptions are not public record.

7. How do I change my name or my child’s name?

There are name change forms available in the Special Proceedings Division. If you are resuming a prior name you should contact the Civil Division

8. How is a person adjudicated incompetent and a guardian appointed?

If you feel someone is unable to manage their own affairs or make there on decisions, a petition may be filed before the Clerk of Superior Court to have the person adjudicated incompetent and to have a legal Guardian appointed. Forms are available in the Special Proceedings Office.

We will gladly assist you in any procedural questions you may have, however, cannot offer any legal advice. You should contact an attorney.

9. Fees